mandag 24. februar 2014

Its on now, not here.

fredag 11. oktober 2013

The danger/comfort zone.

Sometimes a thing happens that will open all the doors of the mind. This picture came to me on a morning when I didnt want to think about anything, but was forced to think about everything.

The blue skull dimension.

The ride the boards into a new dimension of terror. And this time I didnt save any blood for later.

torsdag 11. juli 2013

Skate or die.

In the late 80s it was skate or die, and I tried to live. This painting is a tribute to the bad boards that we used to buy in Sweden and bring home against the law. It was all about skulls and strange colorcombinations back then, and I loved it.

torsdag 23. mai 2013

Russian music

Here it is, some russian music in the frame of a semi-old world. He could play no matter what kind of birds would land on his head and the dance of the death and the maiden goes on forever. The little guy blowing a fox out of his little sax is my homage to a man that makes sculptures out of roadkill. I had to draw them all and this was the best one. Cant remember his name, and that dont matter.

søndag 17. mars 2013

Ghostwalking the land.

A 2013 painting, and yet again things seem to be going wrong in the world, with a Morlock that rules a clockwork orange based future, where its easy to be one self, but hard to live, and let live. And the past is trying to make a mean come-back, with those tigers with the big teeth. I was listening to the song "22nd century" by Nina Simone while I was working on this one.

onsdag 6. februar 2013

A bad match.

A man in nice clothes, that still feel a need to use a street-punk style knife. The devil makes him do it, in all his anger at how the strangest men get all the women and all the breaks in the farmingindustry. All he wanted was someone to take his anger out on when he got home, but all he got was a golden pimpcup to drink his drinks from. Its very hard to understand.